Price List

Below you will find the prices for our most popular items. If the item you're looking for isn't on this list then please call to enquire.

Florist Choice Bouquets

All our florist choice bouquets are made on the day using flowers from our full range in a colour theme of your choice.

  • Small £15
  • Standard £25
  • Large £35
  • Extra Large £45
  • Ultimate £55

Bespoke Flower Bouquets

All our bespoke bouquets will be made to order using your choice of flowers and colours from our full range.

  • Standard £30
  • Large £40
  • Extra Large £50
  • Ultimate £60

Baskets of Flowers

  • Standard £35
  • Large £45

Aqua Pack

All our flower bouquets can be presented in an aqua pack for just £7.50 extra

1, 2 or 3 Roses

All our bespoke bouquets will be made to order using your choice of flowers and colours from our full range.

Natural colours: red, pink, white, peach, lilac, yellow and orange

  • Single rose £4
  • 2 roses £7
  • 3 roses £10

Dyed colours: happy, blue, black and purple

  • Single rose £5
  • 2 roses £9
  • 3 roses £14

1, 2 or 3 Rose Presentation

The above 1, 2 or 3 roses can be presented in several ways:

  • Cello sleeve with bow FREE
  • Silk-lined black box £5
  • Casanova £10

Luxury Rose Bouquets

All luxury rose bouquets come with seasonal and exotic foliage and are surrounded by palm.

Natural colours: red, pink, white, peach, lilac, yellow and orange

  • 6 Roses £24
  • 12 Roses £39
  • 24 Roses £69
  • 48 Roses £129
  • 100 Roses £249

Dyed colours: happy, blue, black and purple

  • 6 Roses £27
  • 12 Roses £45
  • 24 Roses £81
  • 48 Roses £153
  • 100 Roses £299

Vases & Florist Sundries

Full range of vases, 5mm and 50mm ribbon, pull bows, Oasis blocks/shapes, mossing pins, trays in all shapes and sizes, florist wire & tape, cellophane & more. If you don't see what you want, just ask.


Crosses are often the primary tribute at a funeral and because of their size and shape make the perfect adornment for a Coffin top. They do, of course, represent extremely personal sentiments. These tributes are typically chosen by immediate family or close friends. From 2ft to 6ft they are available to suit most budgets with either mixed (open) or all one colour flowers – what we call “based”. The latter usually has an added spray of flower at the cross section. You may also consider whether you prefer a natural foliage or a ribbon edge, which again can be in any colour.

  • Standard (2ft) £70
  • Large (3ft) £100
  • Extra large (4ft) £130
  • Supersize (6ft) £160


Floral cushions and pillows symbolise a comfortable last resting place for the deceased. Available in a range of colours and sizes to suit an budget and can be edged with foliage or ribbon.

  • Standard (15in) £59
  • Large (18in) £79
  • Extra large (21in) £99


Either with an open (wreath style) or a filled in centre, a Heart is a very personal tribute to express love. Often sent by close family members, they make a stunning tribute and can be filled with the flowers/colours of your choice.

  • Standard (12in) £50
  • Large (15in) £65
  • Extra large (18in) £80


Names, MUM, DAD, BROTHER etc., are seen at many funerals and are usually sent from the closely bereaved, parents, children, siblings or a close group of friends. They are not particularly suitable as Casket tops but work well as additional adornment, particularly to place alongside the Coffin when travelling in the hearse. They may also be brought into the service by the funeral director and used to mark a grave or special place of memory for the bereaved after the funeral.

  • Massed in White Chrysanthemum with spray and pleated ribbon to match £105
  • Loose - With white Chrysanthemum edge and a loose scattering of coordinated flowers to suit. £115


The posy tribute is a beautiful yet simple design suited to any kind of funeral. Their ornate circular design is perfect for sending as a mark of respect. Returning to popularity in recent years, they are very beautiful when prepared with care and attention using a varied and delicate selection of different flowers and foliage. There are also many more contemporary options and different styles available.

  • Standard (10in) £40
  • Large (12in) £50
  • Extra large (14in) £65


The sheaf is ideal if you would like a tribute that looks really natural, and that could be sent on to either a home or hospital after the funeral. A step up from the traditional cut flowers in cellophane.

  • Standard £39
  • Large/Luxury £49


The wreath is the sympathy tribute most people know. This traditional design has been sent to funerals, as a mark of respect for years, but now can be created in more contemporary styles.

  • Standard (14in) £59
  • Medium (16in) £69
  • Large (18in) £79


The overflowing nature of a basket of flowers is an increasingly popular way to say goodbye to a loved one, it invokes a life lived to the full with many wonderful and treasured memories.

  • Standard £39
  • Large/Luxury £49

Foil Balloons (with helium)

Something about foil balloons...

  • Plain (18in) (hearts, stars and circles) £4.00
  • Printed (18in) (100s of designs for all occasions) £4.50
  • Giant numbers (30in) £7.95
  • Alphabet/Zoolloons (40in) £9.95

Latex Balloons (without helium)

Something about latex balloons...

  • Single plain balloon (5in) 10p
  • Single plain balloon (11in) 30p
  • Single printed balloon (11in) 45p
  • Single plain balloon (16in) £1

Latex Balloons (with helium)

Any colour/design filled with helium on ribbon colour of your choice.

  • Single balloon (11in) £1.90
  • Bunch 2-10 balloons (11in) £1.80
  • Bunch 11-20 balloons (11in) £1.70
  • Bunch 21-30 balloons (11in) £1.60
  • Bunch 30+ balloons (11in) £1.50
  • Single balloon (16in) £3.00

Pre-Bought Balloons (with helium)

These are any balloons you've purchased elsewhere that's you'd like inflated with helium.

  • Plain or printed balloon (11in) £1.90
  • Foil balloon (18in) £3.50
  • All other sized balloons £2 off shop price
  • Large latex balloon (3ft) £20

Balloon Bouquets

Comes with your choice of any balloon weight.

  • 2 Latex Balloons (11in) £6.50
  • 3 Latex Balloons (11in) £8.00
  • 4 Latex Balloons (11in) £9.50
  • 5 Latex Balloons (11in) £11.00
  • 6 Latex Balloons (11in) £12.50

Balloon Weights

Something about balloon weights...

Please note: The small plastic weights are included for free with any 18in foil balloon.

  • Small plastic (multiple shapes/colours) 10p
  • Tassled foil-covered (multiple colours) £1.50
  • Deluxe (multiple colours) £2.00

Disposable helium tank

Unfortunately we are currently sold out of disposable helium tanks.

Balloon in a Box

Have your balloon(s) presented in a balloon box with coloured tissue paper & confetti.

  • Small box (1 balloon) £5
  • Medium box (up to 5 balloons) £7.50


All our chocolates...

  • Belgian Chocolate Roses (120g) £9
  • Cadbury Roses (187g) £6
  • Hamlet Luxury Assortment (125g) £7
  • Hamlet Love Heart Pralines (125g) £7
  • Hamlet Luxury Love Heart Assortment (250g) £12

Teddy Bears

All our teddy bears...

  • I Love You Teddy Bear (20cm) £7
  • Brown Teddy Bear (35cm) £19
  • ILU Teddy (75cm) £69
  • Cuddly Blue Teddy Bear (25cm) £12
  • Cuddly Pink Teddy Bear (25cm) £12
  • Massive Teddy Bear (120cm) £89


All our vases...

  • Bullet Glass Vase (25cm) £7
  • Waisted Glass Vase (25cm) £7
  • Black Glass Vase (18cm) £5
  • Clear Glass Vase (23cm) £5
  • Red Glass Vase (23cm) £5


All our gins...

  • Ampersand Strawberry Gin (70cl) £29
  • Beefeater Pink Strawberry Gin (70cl) £17
  • Isle of Wight Distillery Mermaid Gin (70cl) £39
  • The Zymurgorium Realm of the Unicorn Gin (50cl) £19


All our bubbly...

  • Bollinger Special Cuvee NV Champagne (375ml) £29
  • Bottle of Brut Cava (750ml) £17
  • Bottle of Paul Langier Champagne (750ml) £39
  • Prosecco (200ml) £6
  • Red Wine(750ml) £12
  • Rose Wine (750ml) £12
  • White Wine (750ml) £12